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Meet the team


Sara graduated from Vet School in Scotland and spent a couple of years working there and in London before moving to New Zealand. Since then she has worked in the small animal clinic at Massey University and other clinics both in New Zealand and Adelaide. She has been at Cambridge Pet Vet since 2007 and enjoys the relaxed, friendly atmosphere there. She is passionate about providing the best possible care for her patients and is also involved in managing the small animal clinic.


Sam is a New Zealand trained vet nurse with a varied career behind her. Sam was involved in running a feed company, farmed milking goats and worked as a groom with polo ponies in the States. Sam has been with the Pet Vets, almost since it began, and she is often your first port of call when calling or visiting the clinic. If she can't help you then probably nobody can!


Angela is our new head nurse. She moved from Auckland and is enjoying a more relaxed Cambridge lifestyle. She worked at Unitec in Auckland for a very long time, both as a vet nurse and teaching vet nurse students, so her knowledge and experience are a big asset to us. Her special interests are in anaesthesia and critical care. When not at work, she has two little girls and a husband and cats and a dog to keep her busy.


Becca is a recentt addition to our team, having completed her vet nurse training about 2 years ago. She is bubbly and energetic and has settled in very quickly. She spends most of her time in clinic, but will be found helping on farm from time to time as well. When not at work, she likes to chill at home with her partner, her cat and dog, and her x-box.


Kim was the original Pet Vet, establishing the clinic with her husband Chris, one of the cow vets, in 2000. Kim graduated from Massey and has a wealth of experience, working around New Zealand and in the UK. After building the Pet Vet business from scratch, Kim now works part time, spending most of her spare time chasing around after their two daughters.


Jess joined us at the beginning of the year, fresh out of vet school. Her veterinary degree is her second degree, however, having previously gained a BVSc in Zoology and a post grad diploma in Wildlife management. She's also worked and traveled overseas extensively so has lots of experience of the real world! Its great having some fresh new energy in our team and we have made sure she is well supported while she starts her new career. At home she is supported by her fiance Simon, and her dogs Kobi and Benson, her cat, couple of cows, chickens...


Michelle joined us in December last year after working as a mixed practice vet in Hamilton for 10 years. She has a young son at home, so works part time mostly in the clinic, but helps out the cow vets from time to time. She enjoys the variety mixed practice brings but loves the added challenge of surgery and imaging of small animal work. She has really enjoyed the move to Cambridge and being part of a new team. 


Marion has worked here for 9 years now, although, now on a part - time basis, while she looks after her young kids and a menagerie at home. She is very experienced and slots in here and there wherever we need her about the place!


Alyeska is quite new to our team and has come down from the Coromandel to join us. She is a vet-nurse-in-training but is very competent and sociable, getting to know our clients and their pets quickly. She works part time and the rest of the time is spent looking after her young daughter, dog and 2 stray cats.


Anne is a Danish vet who moved to New Zealand soon after graduating but was unable to work here as a vet without undertaking further exams. She married a kiwi and had a family and then worked at vet clinics as a technician and then for LIC in lab. Anne helps us in the vet clinic, and out on farms and will be helping set up some of the farm plans


Monique has been with us on and off for years. She started as an 'after school girl' who came and cleaned the floors, then filled in at times to help out at the front at reception, and now works in the cattery and helps out every Saturday morning in the clinic. She has also started her vet nurse training, so along with her one year old daughter, she has plenty to keep her challenged. Her positive attitude and smiling face is great to have around the place!


Kelly looks after the guests in our cattery. She has recently moved from Wellington and is a certified cat crazy lady!! She will take excellent care of your cat, giving them lots of love and attention.


Michelle is currently on maternity leave. She was our Head Nurse and will hopefully be back in a few months!. Michelle comes from the UK and gained a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing there in 2008. She has worked in both general practice and specialist referral practice for many years before travelling to Australia and New Zealand. After visiting NZ, she decided she couldn't leave! Her wealth of experience and knowledge are a huge asset to our practice. When she's not busting her gut at work, she is taking care of her new baby Henry and her 2 precious kitties Jeremy and Sophia.