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Sara has almost 30 years experience as a small animal veterinarian and has had an interest in vet dentistry for about 25 years, achieving her membership in Dentistry and Oral Surgery in 2021.

Services Offered:

Multiple or tricky extractions

Sara has a lot of experience dealing with patients requiring multiple or tricky extractions, eg, lots of large teeth, extracting them as efficiently and as atraumatically as possible.

Geriatric patients and patients with kidney or heart disease

Sara also has a lot of experience anaesthetising geriatric patients, or patients with kidney disease or heart disease requiring dental care. Specialised anaesthetic protocols are employed with the help of experienced nurses using lots of monitoring equipment.

Root Canal Therapy

Sara can offer options for clients wishing to save teeth with root canal therapy for fractured (broken) or discoloured teeth (see photo at the top which has had a root canal performed on it). Teeth which are fractured or discoloured are bruised and dying or dead and become infected and painful. These teeth require extraction or root canal therapy to make them comfortable.

Periodontal Surgery

Inflammed and infected gums and teeth with periodontal disease can be saved in some cases with root planing and periodontal surgery.


These occur when the teeth are not in proper alignment. They are very common, especially in animals with an underbite or an overbite. This results in the teeth hitting together or the teeth damaging the gums or palate in the mouth which is very painful. Puppies with an overbite or underbite may have this occurring with their deciduous (baby) teeth. It causes pain and as a result can affect the animal's bond with their owner, their temperament and their training. Animals cannot tell their owners that their mouth is sore, so a thorough examination by a veterinarian is important to check this out. Sara can offer a variety of options to extract, treat or move teeth into an atraumatic position.

Feline Gingivostomatitis

This is sadly quite a common occurrence in cats and results in extremely painful mouth due to severe inflammation and infection. Usually the treatment involves extracting most or all of the teeth but the result is usually a much happier cat!


Facial Trauma and Jaw Fractures

Sara offers treatment with wiring and splints depending on the requirements of individual patients.

Unerupted teeth

Did you know that if there is a gap in your pet's teeth that the missing tooth could be under the gumline developing into a cyst? All missing teeth need to be xrayed to ensure this is not happening

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