1Oliver Street, Cambridge, PHONE: 078231126

Wellness Care

  • Annual health checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Free dental checks and homecare advice
  • Preventative health programs including routine blood testing
  • Diet & Lifestyle consultations
  • Flea & Worming
  • Microchipping
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Pet insurance
  • Desexing
  • Cat grooming
  • Behaviour advice

Medical & Surgical

We have a dedicated sterile surgical suite where our veterinarians are able to perform a wide variety of soft tissue and some orthopaedic surgeries. Our team uses advanced monitoring equipment including pulse oximetry, capnography and blood pressure monitoring to ensure your pet has the safest anaesthesia during all procedures, including routine speys.

All pets receive pain management and attentive pre and post op care to make their surgery as pain free and stress free as possible. We also have Intesnsive Care facilities for the very sick and an isolation ward for infectious disease patients.

Dental care

Including digital dental xray

Maintaining good oral health is vital for your pet. Our dental services include a FREE full oral/dental exam. Our dedicated dental suite allows us to clean & polish your pet's teeth and check for problems with our digital dental xray unit. A treatment plan is then made which may result in extraction of diseased or damaged teeth, or we can perform procedures which save teeth, eg, Root Canal Therapy. We offer a referral service for dentistry  - for more information click here

Preventative dental health care is our focus, our aim is to save as many teeth as possible.


We cater for cats of all ages and stages, and make sure you can leave knowing that your cat is getting the best care possible. To read more about our cattery services visit our cattery page here.

Nurse Consults

  • Weight management consults

  • Dietary advice for age / lifestyle

  • Behaviour management

  • Nail Clipping

  • Free dental checks

  • Suture removal

  • Microchipping

  • Anal gland emptying

  • Pentosan and cytopoint injections


  • Digital xray

  • Ultrasound

  • Ear camera

  • Microscopy / cytology

  • Urine Analysis

  • Blood tests - we have an in-house blood machine with full laboratory back up

  • Fine needle aspirates / biopsies

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Tonometry (=eye pressure testing)

  • Genetic testing